Procedure to Protect a Board Game

To begin this process, you must obtain your file opening kit by clicking on the link for this purpose at the bottom of this page. This kit, free and without obligation on your part, includes our "Confidential Disclosure Form" accompanied by a strict confidentiality agreement signed by Daniel Paquette, President of Inventarium.

Step 1. Analysis of the game

The main goal of this analysis it to help you orient your future steps. Official patents can be registered for certain types of board games. This analysis will determine if it is so for your game. You will receive a 15 pages report dealing comprising the comments, suggestions and recommendations of the appraiser

$180 + taxes (File opening fees included)

Step 2. Registering a Copyright

Based on the information given in your confidential disclosure form, we will proceed to register a copyright for your game at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). For more information on a copyright, click here.

$190 + taxes (Registration tax included)
Delay: Less than 10 working days

For a complete description of each step please read our « Practical Guide for inventors ».

Your kit for the analysis of a board game will be sent to you today via email

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