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Salt lick block support incorporating a liquid container therein

The present invention relates generally to hunting equipment but more particularly to a salt lick block support incorporating a liquid container therein for putting a liquid based bait.

Serge Bourgault


Christmas Tree Lights Hangar

The purpose of PERFECT LIGHTS ( Christmas Tree Lights Hangar ) is to support the weight of Christmas lights throughout ...

Albert Bennett, Calgary, Alberta


Fishing Game

Catch enough fish and win the game!

Samuel Garnier Létourneau


220 volt convertor

Plugged on a standard 110 V electrical outlet, this apparatus helps reduce the electricity bill.

Gilles Pruneau


Compact beauty station

New make-up vanity

Daniel Boyer


Food lifter for animals

A lifter for pet food or water bowls.

Daniel Brillon


Rowing Paddle

A rowing paddle has a pair of blades set in a "V" configuration wherein said paddles are connected to a box which interfaces with a multi section curved shift and wherein a last section has a grip handle. To contact Mr. Campbell, 450-271-3140.

Paul Campbell et Francis Gadoury


Electricity generation by tire rotation

System for producing electricity through the rotation of tires for use with all types of land vehicles, including...

Éric et Josias Athis


New item

Stickers which express a humorous discontent due to high gasoline prices.

Robert Richard - St-Hypolite


Brushs for moto

Brushes for cleaning motorcycles.

Luc Pellerin


Collapsible tire stand

Practical rack for storage of tires.

Luce Belle


Leaf skimmer for pools

Picks leaves or other debris on the surface, before ....

Daniel Adam


Fix broken fishing rod guide on the go in 15 minutes

A new and easy way to fix broken fishing rod guide on the spot in less than 15 minutes.

Didier Murray


Folding trailers

Different types of folding trailers.

René Bernard


Traffic's warning for off road vehicles

It is a main advantage of this invention to provide for a system for detecting...

Denis Gagnon et Éric Dubé. Chargé de projet: Denis Moreau


Splash Chaps - cover up pants

Protects trouser working.

Claude Van Wierts


Vertical walls for hydroponic growing for herbs, flowers and fountain

Vertical walls for hydroponic growing, which gives you the opportunity to eat fresh organic herbs or edible flowers every day.

Éric Lahaeye - Les Distributions Mur De vie inc.


Multiple door pannels hinge system

The hinge system on a garage door, can be compare to the opening and closing of the side door of a minivan. Look at hte video on the site.

Jacques Lussier


Clapp baby slider

Stroller Accessory.

Dennis Clapp


Logoa - Prentice at the wheel and Learner at the wheel

Logos warning devices driven by an apprentice.

Marc Belleville


Rapid Worms - A stable container that will prevent you from spilling or lousing your bait.

Practical container for fishing.

Sylvain Fontaine


Granular Food Dispenseur Installed Under a Cupboard

Food Dispenser mounted under the cabinet.

Dany Goulet


The Umbrella-Belt

Handy umbrella for legs and feet.

Michaël Santoro


Double action rake

Broom ultra-convenient for collecting leaves.

Manon Bélanger


PRODJEM: Protective cover for a djembe

Protective cover for a djembe.

Thibaud sibuet


Hygienic lip protectors for cans

Device that allows the user to drink directly from the can while protecting contaminants.

Roger Bonin - Salaberry de Valleyfield


Universal e-mail address

This invention is to have a universal e-mail that will be related to our house # , so everybody will be able to get in contact with everybody. To contact Mr. Berube Laprise, 418-770-6837.

Steven Bérubé Laprise


Method for changing a defective shower drain

This invention consists of a method and tools for changing a defective shower drain through the opening of the shower base.

Régent Chiasson