Business Opportunity

Compact beauty station

Investors are needed for this new type of make-up vanity that will soon enter the market. Auramiss is from now on the reference in matters of make-up vanity.

The total of all it's benefits will impose it as the first choice for the users who wants the best. Auramiss is elegant, very user friendly and offer a big storage space while remaining compact. It will go along perfectly with all make-up and hair dressing session.

His inventor, the industrial designer Daniel Boyer from Mont-Tremblant, Qu├ębec, worked many years to conceive this small furniture which is perfect in every detail and offer a lot at a reasonable price. Auramiss is made to be pass from mother to daughter, in other words, it is enduring with a timeless design. We are very exited to soon start the production of Auramiss with the help of investors because it will be a great success also because of it's near unlimited commercial lifespan like furniture who were well conceive and pass the test of time.

Daniel Boyer

Canadian patent Yes
American patent Yes
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